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Natural Soy Candle Wax for Candle Making with Cotton Candle Wicks, Wick Stickers, and Centering Devices

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Natural Soy Candle Wax for Candle Making with Cotton Candle Wicks, Wick Stickers, and Centering Devices

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  • NATURAL SOY CANDLE WAX FLAKES FOR CANDLE MAKING: Made with all-natural ingredients and plant-based additives. This kit is odor-free and contains no harmful chemicals. Use this soy wax candle-making kit to create candles with a smooth, clean burn. Providing you with the perfect candle wax to make your own candles!
  • CANDLE MAKING SUPPLIES KIT: One bag of candle soy wax flakes, cotton candle wicks, metal wick centering devices, and wick glue dots. Natural soy wax flakes are easier to measure and will melt faster than regular soy wax flakes. Making them ideal for combining with dye flakes. Candle dye flakes will blend purely and completely without discoloring or clotting.
  • DIY CANDLE MAKING KIT SUPPLIES: Our kit also includes pre-waxed candle wicks, trimmed to 6” and tabbed for easy placement. Metal wick centering devices and wick glue dots to help position the wick in the candle container. The cotton wicks contain no lead or zinc and will melt well the natural soy wax. Providing you with a low smoke, stable flame that works well in all types of candle wax, tins, and containers.
  • EASY PREP WAX CANDLES: This kit with natural soy wax flakes is simple and easy to prepare. Simply melt them down and mix at 120 degrees to get started; if you want to add dyes or fragrances, raise the temperature to 180 degrees (or 185 degrees if the dyes do not fully melt). Use the stickers and metal centering devices we’ve included in the candle supplies kit to keep the wick in place while pouring the candle wax or when it’s cooling.


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