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Hearth & Harbor

Hearth & Harbor Candle Wax Dyes – 24 Color Blocks for DIY Candle Making – Concentrated Wax Dye Flakes for All Kinds of Wax (Soy/Gel) – Premium Wax Coloring Dye Chips – Nontoxic Candle Making Supplies

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• MAKE COLORFUL CANDLES AT HOME: Make your handmade candles stand out with these beautiful candle wax dyes. Thanks to their bright and stunning colors, these wax dye flakes are going to help you create the most colorful candle collection!
• A BEAUTIFUL VARIETY OF 24 CANDLE WAX COLORS: Each Hearth & Harbox candle wax dye set includes 24 color blocks with 24 different colors. In this way, you can even make colorful layers and every candle you will make at home will be unique.
• ENOUGH WAX DYE BLOCKS TO MAKE MANY CANDLES: You only need a tiny bit of candle dye to change the color of your gel or soy wax. More specifically, you only need a couple of small wax dye chips for every candle you make.
• CANDLE WAX DYE THAT IS SUPER EASY TO USE: Simply put a bit of wax and some wax dye flakes in the melting pouring pot and heat them to 90 - 110 °C/195-230 ℉. Once they melt, add the rest of the wax and start stirring. That was easy, right?
• COMPLETELY SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY WAX DYES: Our wax dyes for candle making non-toxic, non-irritant, and gentle for your skin. Their ingredients are also vegan, cruelty free and animal friendly, so you can use them without worries.