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Hearth & Harbor

Hearth & Harbor Candle Wick Stickers - 500-Pack of Double-Sided Adhesive Candle Stickers - 20mm Diameter Round Heat-Resistant Adhere Stable

$ 16.99


• VALUE PACK: The pack includes 500 round stickers, enough to make 500 DIY candles that look like they were made by a professional. • SUPER ADHESIVE: These premium quality double-sided wick stickers have strong glue that will adhere to the base of your candle jars and the base of the candle wick. • HEAT RESISTANT: Hearth & Harbor’s wick stickers for candle making are heat resistant. In other words, once you pour the hot melted candle wax on it, the wick sticker won’t get detached, melt or get burnt. • CANDLE WICK STICKER SIZE: Each STICKER has a 20mm diameter, which is the perfect size for regular candle wick holder. The size of the DIY wick stickers is also ideal for any candle jar or candle container. • EASY TO USE: Remove one of the 500 wick stickers from the sticker sheet and apply it to the base of the wick holder. Remove the protective film from the other side of the candle wick sticker and place the sticker on the candle glass, jar or any candle container you want.